using air compression recovery boots for boxing and mma


Out of all of the sports, combat sports such as MMA and boxing may come with some of the most serious injuries. UFC lightweight Scott Holtzman said sometimes after a fight, he may be so sore that he can’t tie his own shoes.

Professional fighters and boxing stars have a set routine: they train for a fight, the fight occurs and ends, and sometimes that fight will land them in the emergency room.

Is there an alternative? For injuries to the legs, more fighters are using recovery boots to reduce inflammation and increase oxygenation. But do recovery boots really work?

how many fighters and training camps are using this recovery method

How Many Fighters and Training Camps Are Using This Recovery Method?

While we don’t know exactly how many athletes and trainers are using recovery boots, we do know this trend is moving rapidly. Many athletes, not just fighters, are using compression boots to expedite their recovery.

This is especially beneficial for professional athletes. In order to perform at their best, they have to train constantly — even multiple times a day. If an athlete has a tough workout or even an injury, they can’t afford to take a day off.

In addition, the body will respond accordingly. Athletes will feel stronger and faster to tackle their training and perform at optimum levels.

Athletes aren’t the only ones using compression boots. The average weightlifter or CrossFit enthusiast can gain benefits from compression boots.

A tough workout that can leave you in pain for days will no longer affect you as severely — you can workout to your max and still have great mobility and energy the next day.

When should you use recovery boots? Before or after training? While most athletes use compression boots after training, there may be benefits when you also use recovery boots before training.

using recovery boots before training does it help with blood circulation

Using Recovery Boots Before Training: Does It Help With Blood Circulation?

One of the benefits of recovery boots is improving your blood circulation. Leg compression boots are extremely tight to squeeze your muscles, allowing your blood to flow faster.

But does it really help with blood circulation? And what’s the significance of wearing the boots before you train?

To improve blood circulation, the boots enhance the efficiency of the lymphatic and venous systems. This not only improves circulation but better mobilizes your oxygenation, better preparing your body for the workout.

For best results, use compression therapy 10 minutes before your workout. For extra intense training sessions, you can use compression boots for up to an hour before your workout.

using recovery boots post-fight will it heal damage in the legs

Using Recovery Boots Post-Fight: Will It Heal Damage in the Legs?

MMA and kickboxing are intense sports for the legs. Kicks and even certain leg chokeholds can cause leg strains, which may result in pain and even damage to the muscles and tissues. If you suffer from leg strains post-fight, will MMA and boxing recovery boots aid in your recovery?

While compression boots may not heal any injuries, they’re an effective tool in the recovery process. Since the boots improve blood circulation, fighters will experience less inflammation, will have reduced waste in the lymphatic system, and will eliminate any fatigue associated with the injury.

Even if fighters do feel better after a few weeks, they may not be training back to full intensity and may not be able to use as much strength. Wearing the boots post-fight will result in a faster recovery, so they can start training quickly and get back in the octagon.

Recovery Boots: 5 Companies With the Best Prices

While compression boots offer many benefits, no fighter wants to fork over a ton of cash for a pair of air compression recovery boots. Don’t worry, you can find high-quality boots at great prices — even for amateurs.

Here are our picks:

  • SLSE Compression Recovery Boots: these boots offer extremely high pressure with medical-grade compression technology, they have six recovery programs, they’re portable, offer different sizes, are lower-priced than competitors, and are made for athletes
  • DSMAREF Recovery System Full Package: this package includes recovery boots, sleeves for the arms and wrists, the compression pump, and a bag. The sleeves not only offer compression but also stretching and even a massage
  • The Circulation Improving Leg Wraps: while this is best for recreational athletes, these leg wraps inflate and deflate to improve circulation. This helps reduce swelling and soothe sore muscles. Similar to medical-grade compression boots at an extremely low price.
  • Squid Go Leg/Knee System: this system includes the wrap, cold gel pack, a portable pump, connector tube, and charger. The wrap fits the entire leg and is ideal for all users, not just athletes. They offer regular and large sizes.
  • Air Relax Leg Recovery System: the system includes two leg sleeves and a control unit. For half the price of professional boot compressions, these are high-quality, lightweight, and portable. They’re safe enough to use daily

Before choosing these boots, make sure you always read reviews to ensure you’re getting the best quality.

5 Recovery Boots for MMA With the Best Warranty and Return Policy

While we need help recovering, let’s face it — the economy isn’t the best. In case you’re in a financial rut, you’ll want to ensure you can return the boots. Here are the boots we found with the best return policy.

  • Rapid Reboot Lower Body Compression Boot Recovery Package: two-year warranty
  • NormaTec Pulse 2.0 Leg Recovery System: two-year warranty
  • DSMAREF Recovery Compression System: two-year warranty on device and one-year warranty on sleeves
  • 2nd Generation Aquilo Recovery System: one-year warranty
  • Apex RX Pro Recovery Performance Compression Boots: 24-month warranty for an extra $99

We also recommend you contact the brands in the previous section and inquire about their warranty and return policy.

recovery boots and more learn more about fitness technology

Recovery Boots and More: Learn More About Fitness Technology

MMA fighters and kickboxers are prone to leg injuries. Because of this, we recommend all professional fighters try recovery boots for boxing and MMA. Compression boots can improve circulation, resulting in expedited healing.

Compression boots aren’t the only form of fitness technology. Antimicrobial products, air-purifying masks, blue light therapy, water filters, and more can help any athlete — especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are you interested in fitness technology? We sell all of these products and more. We also sell sports equipment and gear for both men and women. Shop our selection today.

using air compression recovery boots for boxing and mma
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