Antimicrobial Washable Work Gloves

If you are working with the public during the pandemic, chances are you’ve given a lot of thought to buy a pair of washable work gloves. Hopefully, your employer has given you access to appropriate personal protective equipment like face masks, which you wash and use daily. You’re likely adapting to new policies and procedures at your workplace that incorporate social distancing and place a new focus on cleanliness.

One aspect of the pandemic that hasn’t been adequately addressed at most workplaces is the question of protecting your hands after they have touched a possible contaminated surface. According to the CDC, the coronavirus can stay active on surfaces anywhere between an hour to 23 hrs, depending on the warmth and light on the surface. What is the best way for busy, working people to protect themselves from touching dirty surfaces and then becoming infected once they touch their face or the masks they are wearing?

In this article, we will talk about the top four ways you can protect yourself from touching contaminated surfaces during the pandemic. We will list the pros and cons of each choice and their level of efficacy. We’ll also touch on the proper procedures when using antimicrobial globes or other gloves to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

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How can I protect my hands from coronavirus?

There are a few ways that you can protect your hands from touching surfaces that are contaminated by the coronavirus and other bacteria. While all these methods are effective, there are benefits and drawbacks to each approach. From the best to the worst, we will count down the top 5 gloves that protect your hands while working. Although there is no glove that will reduce your exposure to coronavirus by 100%, there are definitely options that are better than others.

1. Antimicrobial Copper Gloves

Copper is a natural and powerful antimicrobial surface. Since ancient Egyptian times, copper has been used to disinfect surfaces and kill viruses.


  1. Copper is a natural disinfectant, which means you don’t have to worry about the side effects and environmental impact of using harsh chemicals on your hands.
  2. Copper gloves can be washed and reused, making them a good overall investment.
  3. Copper gloves are very durable and difficult to rip.
  4. Copper can destroy viruses and bacteria within seconds of contact.
  5. Copper gloves are highly breathable and keep skin cool, preventing sweat which can be uncomfortable and create difficulties when grasping things.
  6. Copper kills 99.9% of viruses within a few second.
  7. Many copper gloves have touchscreen sensitivity, meaning the tips of your fingers can still use your smartphone or table without having to take the gloves off. Our copper gloves from Spectral Body are designed with touchscreen capability.
  8. Copper gloves are designed with grooves that help with gripping items, making copper gloves perfect for workers who need to pick up boxes or heavy items.
  9. Copper gloves can be purchased with additional compression qualities, which help increase blood flow and fights muscle aches and soreness. The copper gloves from Spectral Body have excellent compression.
  10.  Comes in several sizes.


  1. Some companies sell copper gloves that have a very small amount of copper, and some contain little to no copper at all. We recommend our Spectral Body Copper Antimicrobial Gloves because they have been lab-tested and validated by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC). Spectral Body even provides the lab reports regarding the efficacy of the gloves when put in contact with viruses (99.99% effective).

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2. Latex disposable gloves

This is the most common way workers protect their hands from viruses, biohazards and sharp surfaces. However, latex gloves come with many significant drawbacks.


  1. They are cheap.
  2. They are disposable.
  3. Easy to find in most stores.
  4. They are made of natural rubber.
  5. Come in several sizes.

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  1. They are not washable and thus not reusable. The number of latex gloves that are being thrown away is problematic for the environment and can become more expensive than reusable gloves after using for several months.
  2. Latex gloves are not self-sanitizing. As soon as a person wearing latex gloves touches a contaminated surface, they can carry the virus around with them on the gloves. That means everything they touch – their steering wheel, their mask, their shopping cart – can then have the germs transferred to that surface.
  3. Latex gloves will dry skin after being worn for a prolonged amount of time. TH
  4. Latex gloves rip easily.

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3.  Nitrile disposable gloves

Nitrile gloves are very similar to latex gloves with a few significant differences.


  1. They are cheap
  2. They are disposable
  3. Easily found in most stores
  4. Slightly more durable than latex gloves – many types are puncture resistant.
  5. Come in several sizes.


  1. They are made of synthetic materials.
  2. These types of gloves are more geared towards handling chemicals but are also effective towards viruses.
  3. They are disposable and cannot be reused. You will keep having to buy pack after pack.

4. PVC disposable gloves

PVC is a lot more breathable and thin than latex and nitrile gloves, but they are also fairly durable. PVC is non-toxic, so it’s ideal for those who are handling food.


  1. They are cheap
  2. They are disposable
  3. Easily found in most stores
  4. More breathable than latex or nitrile, but surprisingly durable.
  5. Non-toxic, so safe to use when handling food.
  6. Come in several sizes.

Copper antimicrobial gloves: the best choice

It’s clear that investing in a trendy pair of copper-infused antibacterial gloves is the best choice for workers who want to stay protected.

Copper gloves can be machine washed, which means they can be reused again and again. Copper gloves kill the virus on contact, so if you are an essential worker, you don’t have to constantly be replacing your gloves or, even worse, accidentally bring a dirty pair of disposable gloves home and infect your family.

Copper gloves offer additional features such as touchscreen sensitivity, skin-cooling effects, and strengthened grip which disposable gloves simply can’t provide. Unlike disposable gloves, they don’t become a biohazard because they kill the virus on contact. Copper gloves are so much better for the environment because they aren’t being continually thrown in the trash, and they are not made from synthetic materials or from rubber trees, known as the Hevea brasiliensis.

The best thing about copper gloves is that they were designed before the pandemic to protect gym-goers from viruses and bacteria. They have been designed to assist wearers with lifting heavy objects and remain comfortable even during peak activity, which means they are the perfect working man’s gloves. Even when fears over the coronavirus cease, you can still use your copper gloves when going to the gym or working out.

Although disposable gloves may work well for doctors and surgeons who must work slowly and be precise, copper gloves are ideal for workers on the run. Copper gloves are designed to stay on and don’t need to be replaced, which means you can just put them on and go! The stylish design goes well with any uniform or outfit, unlike disposable gloves that are more suited to medical or cleaning professions.

Because of their style, efficacy, comfortability, touchscreen sensitivity, and compression properties, copper antimicrobial gloves have never been in higher demand. Order your pair now and see why!

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